ProCepT News 1QT 2009

We INNOVATE together with YOU !!!!
We get more involved in Feasibility test work with customers in our lab, giving us a shift from pure Develoment Technology supplier to a partner in Development. This combi of TECHNOLOGY - PROCESS - PRODUCT know-how is a unique mix offering us mutual benefits.
We look forward to welcoming you soon for development work in DRYING / AGGLOMERATION / COATING !! Read hereunder the novelties in technology & development work ........
Safe Processing with ORGANIC SOLVENTS in hot air processes
Our lab scale units for FLUID BED, SPRAY DRYING and TABLET COATING can process all organic solvents thanks to smart engineered solutions
* Fluid Bed : DRYING (50-1.000g / WURSTER COATING (50 - 500g) / TOP SPRAY AGGLOMERATION (100-750g)
* Tablet/Capsule Coater : FILM & ENTERIC COATING (50-1.000g)
* Spray Dryer : SPRAY DRYING & CHILLING (from 1ml ... total water capacity 300ml/hr)

Did you know we can COAT particles down to 30Ám ?
ProCepT has developed a new FLUID BED which can be used for coating powders from 30Ám up to.... So the FLUID BED & SPRAY DRYER are excellent partners for NEW developments in Micro encapsulation / Controlled Release / Taste Masking / Improving Solubility,.... From now on you can make your particle in our SPRAY DRYER and coat it in the FLUID BED!!
Modularity saves you 33% of the investment cost!
ProCepT offers now 1 central control and air handling module, for the SPRAY DRYER / FLUID BED / TABLET COATER. This results in a saving of 33% (=1 machine) on the investment! We show you this unique modular set-up @ ACHEMA in Frankfurt Hall 4.0 Stand P14
Feasibility Development Lab
You're welcome to try out your API/NCE's on our available lab scale process technologies
* Spray Drying
* Nutsche Filtration Vacuum Drying
* Vacuum Drying
* Microwave Drying
* High Shear Wet/Melt Granulations
* Extrusion / Spheronisation
* Fluidbed Drying Agglomeration Coating
* Tabletting
* Tablet Drum Coating
* Capsule filling
ProCepT is a Development Technology and Service provider to the Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemical industry with expertise in DRYING (Spray Drying, Vacuum, Microwaves, Fluid bed) AGGLOMERATION (High Shear Wet/Melt, Extrusions/Spheronisation, Fluid Bed) COATING (Perforated Pan, Fluid Bed) FILTRATION (Nutsche) SEMI-SOLID MIXING (Homogenisation). KEY STRENGTHS : SMALL SCALE * PRECISION * TRANSPARENCY * MODULARITY * DATA ACQUISITION