Taking place on 13th and 14th of March 2008 at PROCEPT Belgium
HANDS-ON (80%) & THEORETHICAL (20%) DRYING TRAINING on Spray drying, Vacuum drying, Microwave drying, Nutsche filter drying, Fluid bed drying.

Thanks to the DRYING know-how, build-up over the past 15 years on our lab scale technology, we're able to offer you a high added value and pragmatic training course
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You will have the opportunity to enlarge, refresh and share your knowledge on different drying applications s.a. spray drying, vacuum drying, microwave drying, nutsche filter drying, fluid bed drying.

Budget : 1.250 Euro for the 2 days excluding travel and expenses.

The subscriptions are limited in order to optimise the know-how transfer.

Subjects that will be touched
Convection, Conduction and Radiation Drying
Drying kinetics of the different Drying Phases
Mass and Energy balance
Heat of Evaporation and effect on Drying time
Vapour pressure versus evaporation temperature
Up and Down Scaling
Change in physical properties during agitated Vacuum Drying
Low temperature drying with Microwaves
Microwave Power vs. Drying speed
Influence of Solvates, Hydrates and Polymorphs on Drying kinetics
Drying of free and entrapped solvent
Solid Dispersions, Micro encapsulation in a Spray Dryer
Slurry Filtration and Vacuum Drying in a Nutsche Filter

We look forward to meeting you on the 13th and 14th in Belgium!
Kind regards and take care,

The ProCepT TEAM