ProCepT at CHEMSHOW New York at BOOTH 515

ProCepT exhibits Lab Scale DRYING Technology at the CHEMSHOW in New York
(30th Oct-1st of Nov)
ProCepT offers you more than 15 years of expertiese in DRYING TECHNOLOGY for Small Scale Development of New Chemical Entities. We offer the industry Technology and Test Services.
We look forward to meeting you at our Booth 515
Nutsche Filter Vacuum Dryer 7 cm
The Lab-Filter-Dryer is a “glass” lab scale Nutsche Filter Dryer for processing slurries of 1/2/5 litres to get dried API from 30 – 2.500 g. 3 diferent interchangeable filter vessels of 7/13/20 cm are available. Different filter media can be incorporated. The system can also be used for Filter Cake characterisation, by implementing different on-line analytical methods s.a. UV, pH, Conductivity,...
Agitated Vacuum Pan Dryer
The Lab-Vac is a “glass” lab scale agitated Vacuum Pan Dryer for drying API cakes from 50 – 3.800 ml. 5 different jacketed glass process vessels are avalable; 250/500/900/1900/5000 ml. Through the process vessel bottom a cintered injection opening foresees “gas” assisted drying.
Spray Dryer / Chiller
The Micro-Spray is spray dryer/chiller for very small samples from 0,25 – 4.000 ml. Controlled drop diameter 2-75micron. Particle range: 2-100 micron. Very High Yield can be achieved even when processing very small quantities (85% for 25mg product). The system can handle highly “unstable” temperature sensitive materials.
Try out our SOLID DRYING test lab
ProCepT offers you the service to outsource SOLID DRYING testwork. With more than 15 years experience in solid drying we can help you solving drying problems, developing an optimised drying process, determination of drying & physical phases with critical free solvent content, shortening drying time, scaling to pilot & production ...
ProCepT continuously innovates in small scale lab technology: The ProCepT range covers; drying (spray drying, fluid bed, Nutsche filter, microwave and vacuum), granulation (high shear wet/melt & fluidbed), pelletisation (high shear wet/melt), spheronisation, extrusion (conical/radial), coating (perforated drum, fluid bed wet/melt), and semi-solid mixing (high flow/low shear homogenisation and gelification. We hope to welcome you soon!