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October 2011

ProCepT's latest product range novelties

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'Hot Melt Extrusion - new micro scale twin screw extruder for pharma and biomedical applications'. This new extruder can be used for HME screening, with working volumes of only 2 and 5 cc (batches of 1 - 10 grams). It has a flexible barrel system and can apply very high torque. The design makes it also suitable for first GMP operations

Small scale single screw low pressure extruder. Equipped with temperature control, so can be used for "melt" (polymers & waxes with low melting point) and "wet" applications. The Vextruder (vertical extruder) also comes with a spheroniser.



The new MELT ATOMIZING NOZZLE can be used to atomize melted waxes, polymers, fats, . The nozzle fits in all existing ProCepT Spray Dryers and Fluid Beds. The system consists of heated dosing system, feed line and nozzle head with orifices from 0,15 to 1,2mm.

New NITROGEN RECIRCULATION unit with condenser used for processing oxygen sensitive materials or when processing large quantities of organic solvents in Fluid Bed, Spray Dryer or Pan Coater. Can be upgraded on all existing ProCepT machines.



The ProCepT PANCOATER has new larger drums of 5 and 10 liter, to scale up from the current 0,35 1 2 liter. This widens the application of the unit from R&D to Clinical batches.

Contact us for our Feasibility Lab Services and Consultancy in process development and technology transfer to pilot and production scale. We offer know how in solid dispersions, particle design, encapsulation, taste masking, ODT tablet, ..



Meet us at AAPS in Washington DC @ Booth 2925 and taste our Belgian chocolates

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ProCepT is more than 15 years innovative in development of process technology with expertise in Particle Engineering through drying, agglomeration and coating processes.

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