ProCepT signs a joint development agreement with Ingeniatrics for a brand new Flow Focusing Spray Dryer System.

Ingeniatrics and Procept have signed a set of agreements to jointly develop and exploit a specific system of Spray Dryer to Flow Focusing® technology on Thusday, Dec., 16th.

Procept, a Belgium company widely acknowledged among pharma manufacturers, will contribute its network of contacts to achieve alliances and negotiations with companies in the near future. Marc De Wit and Filip Van der Gucht led the negotiation team of Procept, while Ingeniatrics was represented by Miguel A. Asensio, Maria Flores and Joaquin Gómez Moya.

Spray Drying is the process of drying microparticles at controlled temperature, speed, humidity and pressure conditions and  collecting them, not a trivial issue when it comes to that tiny particles and microcapsules. Said particles are produced by a multiplexed array of  Flow Focusing® nozzles, all of it inside a tank specially shaped to generate a laminar air flow, so as to avoid coalescence, particles sticking between them.

Ingeniatrics is scaling up its technology and testing prototypes of multiplexed nozzles. The specific one required in the Spray Dryer is known as Flow Focusing® Liquid/Gas, which along with the other two whose multiplexation Ingeniatrics develops, Flow Focusing® Liquid/Liquid and Flow Blurring®, will make a set of three microencapsulation clean-rooms to start production on May 2011. The output will be microcapsules, micro- and nano- particles-in-a-matrix, emulsions and foams with special characteristics demanded by customers at pharma, biotech, cosmetics and fine chemicals industries.

Flow Focusing® was discovered in 1994 by Professor Alfonso Gañán-Calvo. It can be used to design and produce micro and nano sized particles or capsules of a chosen size, structure and composition. It is a microfluidics technology capable of monodispersed droplet formation and manipulation.

ProCepT is more than 15 years innovative in development of process technology with expertise in Particle Engineering through drying, agglomeration and coating processes.

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