The NEW revolutionary Extruder/Spheroniser

The new ProCepT Extruder has a vertical design, so the extruded material is discharged in the spheroniser in the easiest way. The extruder is equipped with a 2 chamber jacketed process housing, as well as a jacketed extrusion screen. The extrusion head assemblies are available with different compaction factors, varying from 1 to 3. This feature, in combination with the jacketed screen, opens doors to melt extrusion applications.

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The GREAT SUCCESS of the 4M8-TriX

The 4M8-TRIX, launched in 2009, got a very fast market penetration thanks to its BEST Price/Quality ratio. This Modular idea by combining several processes with central controls, liquid and air handling saves up to 50% from the market price. The machines are integrated as table top, wheelable or hooked up to a wall. The 4M8-TRIX fulfils all your needs; High Precission, Transparency, Process Data, Space saving, Lowest Price. For all Processes from Drying of the ACTIVE to a Formulated COATED TABLET .

4M8-TRIX, simply the BEST & by far the CHEAPEST...

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ProCepT is more than 15 years innovative in development of process technology with expertise in Particle Engineering through drying, agglomeration and coating processes.

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ProCepT Development Equipment: Spray Drying, Fluid bed Drying-Coating-Agglomeration, High Shear Granulation, Extrusion, Spheronisation, Vacuum Drying, Microwave Drying, Tablet Coating, Nutsche Filter Drying, Semi-solid homogenization