All our processing equipment can be made available for rental. 50% of the rental fee can be recuperated if the equipment is purchased at the end of the rental period. Please contact us for rental fees.
The unique combination of a high know-how level in processing, engineering and products is the key to success of the ProCepT feasibility lab. Through innovation and flexibility, we focus on R&D feasibility development in particle engineering with drying, agglomeration, coating and mixing.... more
Our qualified personnel immediately answer your technical questions and solve your problems. In addition, a team of highly skilled engineers can carry out after sales services, online support and (yearly) maintenance. After sales support Our after sales team is dedicated to provide customers... more
Hands-on course in formulation and drying Through pragmatic courses we offer our expertise in the field of formulation and drying. These intensive courses are intended to learn or renew practical theory through lectures on the subject of Spray Drying, but mainly by hands-on training and sharing... more