Key Features

Small Scale

key feature 1 ProCeptOur equipment range can process batches from 10mg up to 1200g. Within the same machine several batch capacities are possible for scale-up studies.

High precision & reproducibility

All Process Critical Parameters (PCP) can be measured and controlled. Excel batch reporting offers an easy analysis of process robustness, repeatability and scalability. All sensors and instruments are calibrated to a high standard.


key feature 2 ProCeptPlexi housing and glass process vessels offer excellent process visibility for the operator.

Modularity and flexibility

key feature 3 ProCeptThe modular design offers all necessary set-up flexibility and allows good accessibility for cleaning and inspection as well as later plug & play upgrades.

Containment & safety

key feature 4 ProCeptThe unique mechanical and process set-up creates all possibilities to process in different containment levels for toxic applications. Water as well as organic solvents can be processed.


GMP/GAMP/CLINICAL: a complete qualification file is available. All product contact parts can be quickly disassembled and disposed or cleaned thoroughly. Machines can be used for Clinical Trials.