The Mini-Turbo-Wave is a fully integrated and automated “glass” lab scale Vacuum & Microwave Dryer. For early-stage Microwave/Vacuum drying kinetic studies of API / NCE, scale-up and process validation. The Mini-Turbo-Wave offers you Maximized processing know-how with Minimized batch size.


  • Variable impeller speed
  • Breaker
  • Absolute impeller torque (Nm)
  • Glass process vessel of 1900 ml. for 350 - 1.400 ml./batch (3 different vessel-sets available to cover 175 - 3.200 ml.)
  • Product temperature measurement
  • Vacuum system; dust filter, glass condenser, bypass, vacuum pump, process pressure control
  • Nitrogen purge
  • Cavity with convection heating
  • Microwave system: variable microwave power source
  • Critical process data: mixer torque, product temperature, impeller speed, process pressure, mass recovered liquid, product temperature, process vessel/condenser/filter jacket temperature, mass recovered liquid, forwarded and reflected microwave power
  • PC/PLC automation package: "real-time"-trending and batch reporting in Excel of all critical process data and batch identification
Typical applications
  • Drying cinetic studies
  • Scale-up studies

Agitated Vacuum Microwave Dryer

Agitated Vacuum Microwave Dryer

200 - 3000 ml