Lab Filter Dryer

Fully integrated and automated “glass” lab scale Filter Dryer. For early stage filtration and drying kinetic studies of API / NCE, scale up and process validation. Nutsche filter for filter cakes between diameter 8-20 cm.


  • Variable speed impeller with telescopic movement, turning clock and anti-clockwise
  • Flanged jacketed stainless steel cover
  • Flanged jacketed stainless steel bottom plate with universal filter media system
  • Glass jacketed process vessel internal diameter 13 cm (2 liter slurry)
  • Optionally a 8 cm (1 liter) and 20 cm (5 liter) set-up can be integrated in same unit
  • Dried API: between 30-2.500 g
  • Cake height is Min. 2 cm and Max. 10 cm
  • Glass vessel can have 2 bar overpressure (Optionally 6-10 bar steel process vessel)
  • Process temperatures between -10 till 95 DegC
  • Controlled Nitrogen purge for gas assisted drying and inertisation
  • Vacuum system; jacketed dust filter, glass condenser, condense receiver vessel, bypass, vacuum pump, process pressure control
  • The system is build on a frame to be incorporated in a hood
  • Critical process data: impeller torque, compression force on cake, product temperature, impeller speed, pressure over filter cake, process pressure, mass recovered liquid, product temperature, process vessel/condenser/filter jacket temperature
  • PC/PLC automation package: "real-time"-trending and batch reporting in Excel of all critical process data and batch identification
  • All process steps can be done under inert conditions
  • The system can be build on a frame to be incorporated in a hood
Typical applications
  • Drying cinetic studies
  • Scale-up studies

Agitated Vacuum Nutsche Filter Dryer

Agitated Vacuum Nutsche Filter Dryer

1 - 5 litres