Formulation & drying lab

The unique combination of a high know-how level in processing, engineering and products is the key to success of the ProCepT feasibility lab. Through innovation and flexibility, we focus on R&D feasibility development in particle engineering with drying, agglomeration, coating and mixing.

Particle engineering

With Fluid Bed technology we coat particles from 1.5mm down to 100µm. With Spray Drying/Chilling we process matrix formulations to encapsulate particles and we can make particles from 1 to 150µm.

Solid dispersions

We use Spray Drying and Melt Extrusion to improve the solubility and bioavailability of compounds being transferred from crystalline structure to a stable amorphous solid dispersion status.

Controlled release & taste masking

With Wurster and Perforated Drum processing we can coat particles, tablets and capsules. We apply as well spray congealing and melt granulation-pelletisation.

Particle agglomeration

To improve particle homogeneity, flowabilty and compressibility, we use wet and melt agglomeration techniques: High Shear, Fluid Bed, Extrusion and Spheronisation.

Drying development

To study and improve the Drying kinetics we use agitated Vacuum Drying, Microwave Drying, Spray Drying and Nutsche Filtration Drying.