Fluid Bed Dryer / Coater / Agglomerator

Fluid Bed processing equipment is used for granulation, drying and coating of powders, pellets or spheres. Depending on vessel size, the typical batch range varies from 50g to 1kg of product.



The ProCepT Fluid Bed is the ideal equipment for formulation R&D, demonstration, or education purposes and features:

  • Combination of plexi and glass for excellent process transparency
  • Integrated on a trolley, wall mounted or on a fixed table/floor stand
  • Easy connections for a fast change in set-up to air handling module and controls
  • Monitoring and control of all critical parameter
  • System in negative pressure for operator and product safety
  • Glass process vessels: 1 or 4 liters set-up
  • Easy (in process) filling, discharging and sampling in process
  • Water and organic solvents
  • Melt processing; waxes, polymers, …
  • Nitrogen recirculation for oxygen sensitive materials, environmental requirements or drying of high quantities organic solvents
  • Unit can be used for pre-clinical and clinical applications
Typical applications
  • Drying
  • Wurster Coating
  • Agglomeration

ProCepT’s modular design allows us to provide full flexibility towards integrating the equipment in your laboratory. Various set-ups or even customized designs are possible. The Excel Control system and fanbox can be combined with other ProCepT process modules (such as Pan Coater, Spray Dryer or Granulator) to save lab space and total investment costs. Extra processes can easily be added at a later point in time for a phased investment.